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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is BeerDuds?

BeerdudsĀ is an online store that specializes in Beer related Apparel. The site is run by Kevin based out of Vancouver, BC, Canada. The products are shipped from our manufacturer based out of Detroit USA. If you have any Questions, you can use ourĀ (Contact Us Link) on the website or Email Me at or personally call me at 778 231 4489. (Long Distance Callers may have to add a 1 before Entering the number)

How long will it take to get my Order?

USA 10-14 Days and Canada 14-20 Days (see Shipping for more info)

Can I track my Order?

You will be given a Tracking Number and can Track right from Beerduds under shipping in the main menu.

I am unhappy with my Order, What now?

If you are not satisfied, contact us immediately and tell us why? We offer a 60 Day Money Back Guarantee on all defective products!

Entering Discount/Gift Card Codes.

Simple! Once you reach the Checkout Page you will be asked for it.

What is the Quality of your shirts like?

All Apparel and Prints are Top Notch! We use a State of the Art Printing Facility based out of Detroit USA. These Prints not only look great but last much longer than your standard shirt printed in China for example.

Is there anything I can do to make my shirt last longer?

YES! Best of all, this applies to all printed apparel. When it comes time to wash printed clothes flip them inside out to protect and preserve the print.